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A poem a day – Haiku – Avocado

Avocado sun kissed calloused skin voluptuous body basks au naturel life Note: And this haiku marks the 7th and final haiku of this week’s dosage of food related haiku. Time again did go by quickly and I enjoyed writing everyone of them. Although, I did find them more challenging to write compared to the free verse… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Chili pepper

Chili pepper red planet in space emits energy and light cosmic explosion Note: The chili pepper in the photo below is resting on my new chopping board which I bought at Aldi for $20. It’s made from Rubberwood and is a whopping 40cm x 40cm. I have a thing for wooden chopping boards and wanted to share this… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Plastic shopping bag

Plastic shopping bag ephemeral life fragile burdened existence damaged throwaway

A poem a day – Haiku – Edible flowers

Edible flowers exotic angels grace and livens a party selfless sacrifice

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Wordless Wednesday #33

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A poem a day – Haiku – Jug of beer

Jug of beer summer reservoir waterfall flows into dams a common resource

A poem a day – Haiku – Fried chicken

Fried chicken golden brown allure satisfies primal desire greasy paradox Note: Notice that I’ve removed 10 mins from the title – because I’ve realised that it takes me a lot longer than 10 mins to write a haiku that I’m please with. Not saying that it can’t be done – just that I can’t achieve that feat atm. I was… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Ants in the kitchen

Ants in the kitchen innocent lives roam following basic instincts unaware of eye Note: I am new to haiku so please pardon these if you’re a haiku expert. The above poem and the next 6 daily poems/haiku are my humble experiment/practice in the art form. For the above haiku, I started writing it last night before going to bed. I spent about… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – A pair of black chopsticks

A pair of black chopsticks two rods sticking together working harmoniously like digits parallel lines as simple design solving problems with easy answers refined simplicity that works perfectly picking objects and choosing colours resting on hand in between fingers like beaks and talons clasping food serving masters entering maws smooth and satisfying fast and freely humble… 

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Periwinkles (sea snails) with dipping sauce – hoy jim jeow

I just love going to the Sydney Fish Markets – in fact going to any fresh produce market makes me happy (or just a market in general really). I love the buzz on a busy good weather trading day of the cray people stressing about because they’re running late to get back home to set up… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – A dozen eggs

A dozen eggs 12 perfectly formed eggs caramel brown textured speckled ovoids tough outer shell protective exterior encasing a golden germ almost identical slightly different flawless with flaws gift from hens packed in cartons from farm to table stamped with codes unfertilised ids meeting demands ticked with approval ready for execution time for breakfast sunny side… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – Bag of garlic

Bag of garlic Like mothers clinging to their babies these garlic heads have travelled far thinly dressed in bruised clothing caged in nets and packed tightly crossing borders entering new territories finding new life in new economies from rural grounds to urban kitchens pleasing tongues in hungry mouths a foreign land a different language a different source… 

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Meet XING – our new kombucha SCOBY baby/mother/mushroom/starter culture

As time gently glides by, our gorgeous SCOBY (which was grown from store bought kombucha) has grown at an impressive rate – transforming itself from what appeared to be nothing to residue/slick, to urgh, to a magnificent circular disc of symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, literally. Over the past month or so, since conception… 

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