Notes #6: Keep Calm and Carry Om

As a couple, we are just ordinary people trying to live our ordinary lives as simply and stress-free as possible. This is simply because it’s so much better for our physical and mental health! :D Of course, this is not always an easy thing to do, especially at this time of the year when the unnecessary…

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Wordless Wednesday #41

Note: Hi folks. Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow (Thursday 18th) is the last day for submitting your poems in the food poetry competition. Please help celebrate Padaek’s first blog anniversary and show your support of Padaek by entering the competition. All you have to do is submit a food poem in the comments on the post. It’s…

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Notes #5: These are a few of my favourite blogs

Note: Padaek celebrated its 1 year blog anniversary yesterday (Thursday, 11th). Please help celebrate the special day by reading the post and entering the food poetry competition for a chance to win a lovely prize. Yippeee! :D *** The problem with posting/sharing a post like this is the worry of possibly offending fellow bloggers who…

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A poem a day – Haiku – Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo earth, heaven and hell collide in apocalypse divine decadence Note: A ‘lil ode to a favourite biscuit. And this haiku marks the last haiku/poem in the daily poem series. I’m sorry about that, but I’ll be continuing writing and publishing poems on the blog in the future. It just won’t be on a daily basis….

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All yours – kombucha, kombucha, kombucha, ya-ya!

Note: The following conversation between me and Bob is not real. Me: Hey Bob, would you like a glass of kombucha? Bob: Yeah OK, thanks, but what are those floating stuff in the bottles? Me: Oh them, they’re nothing, don’t worry about it. I hardly notice them. They’re just leftover strands of the SCOBY which was…

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Giant dill pickles – update

It’s quite a pretty picture of colours and shapes, isn’t it? Well, I think so at least. I was pleasantly surprised when my partner returned from the shop with a selection of tasty items for the photo shoot. In particular, I was drawn to the fabulous mosaic pink brawn and the alien red/white stuffed baby capsicum balls. They’re both delicious, and I…

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