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Lao spicy rice vermicelli salad recipe – tum khao poon

I <3 all types of noodle dishes, especially if it’s homemade because homemade everything is simply the best – YEE-HAW!!!1 :D From classic chow mein to pad Thai, pho to spaghetti, ramen to bird’s nest (yes, these are common but they’re also some of my favourite dishes, so why not?) – I find the long,… 

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How to make kombucha, Part 1: grow your own SCOBY mother/mushroom/baby

Disclaimer: The following method of growing my own SCOBY mother/mushroom/baby from a store-bought kombucha is a personal experiment. There are different views/info on this method, so please do your research first so that you can make an informed decision. I will take no responsibility if your SCOBY does not develop/grow, or if it does but it is weak… 

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Wordless Wednesday #25

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Probiotic pickled beetroot and beetroot kvass recipe – lacto-fermentation

To be frank, I’m not a devout pickled beetroot fan, although my experience with them so far has only been the commercial tin varieties (whole and sliced), which I do enjoy eating but sometimes find just a little too extreme in flavour – either too sweet, too tangy, too salty or just a little too… 

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Probiotic pickled onion recipe – lacto-fermentation

‘What‽ Another pickled onion recipe? I thought you wanted to keep things simple?’ Ok fair enough, we’re getting a little pickled onion cray cray here in Padaekland because just a fortnight ago, I shared with you the KISS pickled onion recipe, and before that I shared the classic Grandma’s pickled onion recipe as well. But you know… 

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A glass of red wine – a poem

On a cold night lies a circular lake the colour of blood – Christ’s blood. Wavering liquid and dancing lights breathing spirit from red enigma. It shines and reflects as I sit and ponder. On life with mourners and celebrators travellers and settlers blood and water with old and new. The first is last with numbers and signs in time and… 

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Wordless Wednesday #24

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Lao yum salad recipe

A freshly-made salad that glows and glistens with salubrious ingredients is possibly one of the healthiest and tastiest dishes that you can quickly put together to satiate your wondering appetite today. Salads are often easy to make (and eat) and can exist in as many incarnations as your imagination allows. From larb to tum mark hoong – Laotians really enjoy… 

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Wordless Wednesday #23

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KISS pickled onions recipe

If my memory serves me correctly, the first time the  ‘KISS principle‘ (Keep it simple stupid) really struck chord with me was at my second full-time job in an office in the city, after having recently moved from Canberra. When there’s a lot going on, there’s really no need to make things more complicated, because simple usually works just fine…. 

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How to fillet a fish – a poem

Grab a knife – any knife. Just as long as it is sharp. Grab a fish – any fish. Just make sure it is scaled, fresh and safe to eat. Firmly pressed down, don’t let it slip. Along the spine, on an angle, cut from head to tail. Watch your fingers. Diligent and cautious, glide between… 

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