Wordless Wednesday #18

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Wordless Wednesday #18

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Padaek – 6 month update

At the end of each month, I often reflect on how fast the month has passed by, and this month is no different. June really did fly by ridiculously fast, didn’t it, and I honestly can’t believe that we’re already half way into the year. Regarding the padaek, which was made in January, this month also marks… 

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Eggland Mandala (Flesh Tint, Titanium White & Yellow Ochre) 2010 270712

Wordless Wednesday #17

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How to make garlic, ginger and shallot oil

Garlic, ginger and shallot oil is a delicately fragrant and deliciously rich condiment with a multitude of uses – made simply by gently frying and stirring the three ingredients in cooking oil of your choice on low-medium heat. The following recipe results in two fabulous products – the heavenly infused oil and the crispy/crunchy medley of moreish fried garlic,… 

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Stir-fried mud crab with eggplant – khua ka pu sai mark keur

Inspired by our chance encounter with an ultra tiny pea crab in one of the mussels we prepared last week; this week, I decided to cook a crab of a more substantial size – a mud crab, aka ‘mangrove crab’ or ‘muddie/muddy’ – in a mildy spicy stir-fry sauce, paired with the sweet flavour and tender texture… 

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