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Wordless Wednesday #28

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How to make beef jerky – sien hang (2 original recipes)

The sign said cattle and sheep ahead (or more appropriately, beef and lamb) and in today’s post, one half of the sign is proved true in the form of not one but two beef jerky recipes! [Insert happy beef jerky dance here.] :D Let me start by stating that out of all the snack foods in… 

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KISS pickled onions recipe update

Yes it’s true, these moreish looking pickled onions taste as good as they look. And because the recipe is a spin on an already tried and successful recipe, it didn’t come as a huge surprise just how juicy and succulent they turned out to be. Yet still, for 1 whole month I awaited with anticipation… 

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Wordless Wednesday #27


Chicken or the egg – a limerick

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Asked the baby chicken to the egg. It just sat there and stared But nothing could be shared, Because the chicken was in the egg.

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Lacto-fermented pickled beetroot and beetroot kvass update

Since the last update, I’ve poured the ‘ready’ kvass (according to my tastebuds) into a new glass jar and stored it in the fridge. I’ve also made a new brine1 and poured it into the original jar to make a second batch of kvass as advised by Salixisme. It will be the second and final batch, after which I… 

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Sauerkraut – ‘sour cabbage’ recipe

Next stop in our series of pickle recipes is sauerkraut – a classic and traditional lacto-fermented pickle of thinly sliced/shredded cabbage. Like many lacto-fermented recipes, the process of making sauerkraut is ultra simple and practically involves shoving salted sliced cabbage in a jar, packing it tight, covering it with a lid, storing it in a safe… 

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Combined pickle and fermentation update

Sabaidee everyone and happy Schpringg!!! :D Spring is one of my favourite seasons (although there’s only 4 to choose from and seriously, with all due respect to winter, does he even compete?) because it’s full of hope and promises, and usually delivers even if it’s sometimes later down the road. Despite the still chilly nights/early mornings – pretty flower… 

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Wordless Wednesday #26


Radish – a haiku

Peppery white heart Red desert surrounds jungle Terra resonates.

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Lao spicy rice vermicelli salad recipe – tum khao poon

I <3 all types of noodle dishes, especially if it’s homemade because homemade everything is simply the best – YEE-HAW!!!1 :D From classic chow mein to pad Thai, pho to spaghetti, ramen to bird’s nest (yes, these are common but they’re also some of my favourite dishes, so why not?) – I find the long,… 

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How to make kombucha, Part 1: grow your own SCOBY mother/mushroom/baby

Disclaimer: The following method of growing my own SCOBY mother/mushroom/baby from a store-bought kombucha is a personal experiment. There are different views/info on this method, so please do your research first so that you can make an informed decision. I will take no responsibility if your SCOBY does not develop/grow, or if it does but it is weak… 

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Wordless Wednesday #25