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Wordless Wednesday #20

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Asian sauce taste test – fish sauce and soy sauce

As my interest in food and cooking grows, I’m also trying to expand my knowledge on and experience with different ingredients. The diversity of Asian ingredients for example, is both mind-boggling and fascinating, and sometimes, I feel quite overwhelmed by the available selection when I walk into a large Asian supermarket. Asian sauces are some… 

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Silverfish fishcakes

Many years ago, in a meeting in a modern Asian cafe/restaurant in Surry Hills that I can’t remember the name of, I stumbled across a dish that I had ordered that was a tasty surprise to everyone at the table. To be honest, I can’t recall the exact name of the dish neither. All that I… 

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Wordless Wednesday #19

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How to make tum mark dang – Lao spicy cucumber salad recipe

‘Tum mark dang’ (literally ‘pounded cucumber’ in Lao) is another classic Lao spicy salad dish made in a similar way as tum mark hoong – with a Lao mortar and pestle, and a lot of love. Once you’ve mastered the art of making tum mark hoong, you should have no problems with making tum mark… 

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How to make pork crackling and lard – kiep moo + narm mun moo

Unless you don’t eat pork (for whatever reason that may be [in which case, I am sorry - this post is not really for you {but you might still enjoy it and perhaps even convert - so please read on :) }]) – you’d have to agree that there’s really nothing more delicious to snack on than… 

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Wordless Wednesday #18

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Padaek – 6 month update

At the end of each month, I often reflect on how fast the month has passed by, and this month is no different. June really did fly by ridiculously fast, didn’t it, and I honestly can’t believe that we’re already half way into the year. Regarding the padaek, which was made in January, this month also marks… 

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Eggland Mandala (Flesh Tint, Titanium White & Yellow Ochre) 2010 270712

Wordless Wednesday #17