A poem a day – Haiku – Ants in the kitchen

Ants in the kitchen innocent lives roam following basic instincts unaware of eye Note: I am new to haiku so please pardon these if you’re a haiku expert. The above poem and the next 6 daily poems/haiku are my humble experiment/practice in the art form. For the above haiku, I started writing it last night before going to bed. I spent about… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – A pair of black chopsticks

A pair of black chopsticks two rods sticking together working harmoniously like digits parallel lines as simple design solving problems with easy answers refined simplicity that works perfectly picking objects and choosing colours resting on hand in between fingers like beaks and talons clasping food serving masters entering maws smooth and satisfying fast and freely humble… 

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Periwinkles (sea snails) with dipping sauce – hoy jim jeow

I just love going to the Sydney Fish Markets – in fact going to any fresh produce market makes me happy (or just a market in general really). I love the buzz on a busy good weather trading day of the cray people stressing about because they’re running late to get back home to set up… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – A dozen eggs

A dozen eggs 12 perfectly formed eggs caramel brown textured speckled ovoids tough outer shell protective exterior encasing a golden germ almost identical slightly different flawless with flaws gift from hens packed in cartons from farm to table stamped with codes unfertilised ids meeting demands ticked with approval ready for execution time for breakfast sunny side… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – Bag of garlic

Bag of garlic Like mothers clinging to their babies these garlic heads have travelled far thinly dressed in bruised clothing caged in nets and packed tightly crossing borders entering new territories finding new life in new economies from rural grounds to urban kitchens pleasing tongues in hungry mouths a foreign land a different language a different source… 

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Meet XING – our new kombucha SCOBY baby/mother/mushroom/starter culture

As time gently glides by, our gorgeous SCOBY (which was grown from store bought kombucha) has grown at an impressive rate – transforming itself from what appeared to be nothing to residue/slick, to urgh, to a magnificent circular disc of symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast, literally. Over the past month or so, since conception… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – Running rooster bowl

Running rooster bowl Running rooster circling the world chasing sun and signs of life into forests, jungles and open space first to call, sense before sight always chasing, busy, on the go time to eat but you don’t stop running on the look out ready for more thank you rooster heaven knows and sees your… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – Selected sweet plums

Selected sweet plums Selected sweet plums two in one in this one lucky me. Tenderly moist and sweetly divine but watch out for the pits. Especially at this age when teeth are precious and pain is tenfold. Glistening wrinkly succulence as they pop/roll out not the prettiest things. Perfectly sealed for longevity pretty colourful wrapper… 

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Wordless Wednesday #32

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Padaek #2 – the dry method/green lid edition

As you can see from the recent update of the first jar of padaek – it’s now 9 months old, and over the last 4 months, it seems to have remained in some form of hibernation mode (even after being prized by stirring) – resulting in zero to miniscule visual change/reduction/fermentation. [sigh] As promised several months ago, after some concern of… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – Blueberries

Blueberries Blessed sweet earthly delights bountiful now a kiss in spring an early welcome to summer a favourite time of year. Perfectly formed rolling globes blue skinned star shaped base if you’re lucky – a hidden heart too take a look, you might find. Sweet pops in your mouth precious fruits to be enjoyed and… 

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A poem a day – 10 minute poem – Chocolate Shells box

Introduction: I’ve been reading/following the very creative blog – Some Bad Plankton and have been inspired by the author/writer’s “10 poems in 20 minutes” quick poem posts. I’m amazed at how fast the author thinks and write to create this number of poems in this time – which works out to be about a poem every 2… 

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Padaek – 9 month update

Sabaidee everyone! :D Well – that was a bit of a lull between blog posts wasn’t it!? You can blame the merriments of the Labour Day public holiday/NRL grand final long weekend for that (along with other joyful events/work/happenings that occurred along the way – which I’ll later reveal/share with you). I’m not complaining. Se a vida é.1 I… 

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