The Good Olive – Margaret River, WA #3

The Good Olive – Margaret River, WA

Introduction: Oh hi! Long time no see. I know, where have I been, right? Good question and the simple answer is, away… Remember at the start of the year when I said I wanted to spend more time practicing and creating art? Well, that’s basically the reason and believe me, it hasn’t been an easy…

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Kohk & Sahk – Authentic Laotian Cuisine

In Lao, the words “kohk” and “sahk” translate to “mortar” and “pestle”, respectively. They are ubiquitous and mandatory cooking equipments found in all Lao kitchens. The duo can be described as the rustic yet very effective Lao version of the electric blender and grinder. They’re forever used to pound and grind herbs and spices, and also prepare…

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All for one and one for all #1

All for one and one for all

It’s a little late but happy Australia Day for Monday Australians! For overseas readers, yes, the 26th of January is Australia’s day of union/unity. You probably have a similar day in your country and so you’d understand the significance of the day. Australia Day is our day of national/patriotic pride. It’s a day to be…

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The day I accidentally deleted my websites

The keywords here are “websites” because all of my websites hosted by my hosting company were deleted/lost/kaput/hasta-la-vista-baby, but one got rescued. And also “accidentally” because it was a bloody accident, albeit a very stupid/out of character one. In fact, it was not that out of character, but super crazy shit happens! I won’t cry over…

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Happy new year everyone! #1

Happy new year everyone!

Hi everyone! Oh my god, it seems like a million years have passed since the last post, so let me start off by apologising for my absence from the blog. I didn’t forget about you, and as you can understand, it was the Christmas/NY’s break/holidays after all (which was a wonderful time to see and catch up with…

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Notes #6: Keep Calm and Carry Om

As a couple, we are just ordinary people trying to live our ordinary lives as simply and stress-free as possible. This is simply because it’s so much better for our physical and mental health. Of course, this is not always an easy thing to do, especially at this time of the year when the unnecessary stresses/worries…

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