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Wordless Wednesday #30


Cup of tea – a poem

Rolling thunder crescendoes, as screaming birds signal above. Heavenly rain pours – filling empty catchments. The water level rises; tinted with dead leaves and debris. A light hail scatters by – dotting and radiating the surface. Gale waves past – spinning and dancing windchimes. With this scene before me, I enjoy my cup of tea.

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Sweetbreads with broad bean, black fungus and shallot – how to prepare sweetbreads

When I first heard sweetbreads mentioned on the final episode of My Kitchen Rules, as it was about to be prepared by the Chloe and Kelly team – like many people, I innocently thought they were talking about fluffy/dainty sweet breads, and my eyes glazed over as I said to myself, ‘awww, how wonderful – they’re cooking with sweet breads… 

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Lamb’s kidney with okra and leek in black bean sauce

Via popular food/cooking shows (Food Safari, MasterChef, Iron Chef, My Kitchen Rules, etc.), the internet and other media, and simply a more interconnected world/society – it appears that offal (also called variety meats or organ meats)1 has entered the mainstream and become more socially accepted/norm. Although some foodies and cultures would argue that offal has always been and will continue… 

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Wordless Wednesday #29

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How to make jeow artichoke – Lao spicy artichoke relish recipe

As far as I know, artichokes aren’t a traditional Lao veg/ingredient – and thus, I’ve never seen them used in Lao cuisine before. Though, after saying that and knowing how karma works with me, there’s probably a small/barely known, enigmatic hill-tribe on the borders of Laos who grows and eats artichokes like they’re connected to it… 

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Sauerkraut update – sauerkraut with pork sausages and homemade mustard

It’s now a total of 11 days since the sauerkraut were made, and today’s update/taste test proves that the effort/process and wait has been very much worth it. I first tasted the sauerkraut on their 5th day of fermentation, and they tasted great then but I decided to give them a few extra days of brewing… 

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Wordless Wednesday #28

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How to make beef jerky – sien hang (2 original recipes)

The sign said cattle and sheep ahead (or more appropriately, beef and lamb) and in today’s post, one half of the sign is proved true in the form of not one but two beef jerky recipes! [Insert happy beef jerky dance here.] :D Let me start by stating that out of all the snack foods in… 

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KISS pickled onions recipe update

Yes it’s true, these moreish looking pickled onions taste as good as they look. And because the recipe is a spin on an already tried and successful recipe, it didn’t come as a huge surprise just how juicy and succulent they turned out to be. Yet still, for 1 whole month I awaited with anticipation… 

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Wordless Wednesday #27


Chicken or the egg – a limerick

Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Asked the baby chicken to the egg. It just sat there and stared But nothing could be shared, Because the chicken was in the egg.

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Lacto-fermented pickled beetroot and beetroot kvass update

Since the last update, I’ve poured the ‘ready’ kvass (according to my tastebuds) into a new glass jar and stored it in the fridge. I’ve also made a new brine1 and poured it into the original jar to make a second batch of kvass as advised by Salixisme. It will be the second and final batch, after which I… 

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