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A poem a day – Haiku – Peanuts

Peanuts stadium of men fierce battle for survival predetermined fate

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A poem a day – Haiku – Caramel slice

Caramel slice flight over country barren desert hides resource uncertain future

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Giant dill pickles – pickled cucumber recipe

With Christmas just around the corner, it’s inevitable that we start to think about presents – for ourselves and for others. :D Other than socks and the like, food glorious food, also make great/popular gift ideas for family and friends – and homemade/homegrown stuff are always the best – they’re more special, and more loved/appreciated. Regarding homemade… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Yakult

Yakult coral reef of life marine creatures in balance sea ecosystem Note: Inspired by last night’s episode of BBC’s Life – “Creatures of the Deep”, narrated by David Attenborough. Simply awesome stuff – super crazy/incredible world. Wow! Thanks David. Also, I think the small Yakult bottles are so cute! :D

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Wordless Wednesday #38

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A poem a day – Haiku – Egg

Egg orb travels through time from black hole into deep space liquid existence

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A poem a day – Haiku – Inside teapot

Inside teapot Matisse figures dance by the lake – under moonlight esoteric world Note: A poem for all tea lovers – that’s pretty much almost everybody, I think. Happy Monday and have a great week ahead folks! :D