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A poem a day – Haiku – Sweet potato

Sweet potato pink robes climb sand dunes weathered under high noon sun dry desert landscape Note: Love sweet potatoes too – simply cooked, naturally sweet – fluffy, aromatic mushy yumminess! Did you know 1 potato has no e, and 2 or more has e and s? Same with tomatoes, and mosquitoes. ;) Had trouble pinpointing the… 

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Fun Stuff #1

Note: Happy Halloween! Hope you’re having a fun/sweet time wherever you are. :D Looking forward to the weekend? I know I am. Just in case this Lao-Australian food blog wasn’t getting confusing enough (with WW, a poem a day, etc.) – I thought I’d throw in another feature to the blog called Fun Stuff! Yippee!! Fun Stuff posts on Fridays… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Walnut

Walnut enclosed life form moves skull exoskeleton cracks alien awakes Note: An ode to walnuts (one of my favourite nuts – in fact I like most nuts), Halloween (Happy Halloween – not too many sweets/chocolate now you hear?), and the late H.R. Giger (incredible visionary/surreal artist who passed away on May 12, 2014). Bon appetit my sweet! :D

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A poem a day – Haiku – Chocolate

Chocolate night birds coo sweet songs scents drift in hot summer air balmy bodies sleep Note: Love chocolate and love summer. Dislike mosquitoes though – quite a lot! Such is life – a small price to pay for bliss. [Sigh] Oh – my favourite’s Turkish Delight – la la la la! Have been thinking about making chocolate in the near… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Anchovies

Anchovies mass bodies embalmed layered fossils, fragile frames bones buried in sea Note: I like anchovies – some consider its flavour akin to padaek. I bought this jar partially for the jar – I know. Delicious anchovies though and the infused sunflower oil is divine. Delicious salty pops of flavour when chopped or whole in salads, etc. – mmmmm! :D

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Wordless Wednesday #34

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A poem a day – Haiku – Knives

Knives cobras clash with fangs most vital granted purpose sharp blades gleam in light

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A poem a day – Haiku – Black coffee

Black coffee storm crosses dark lake lightning strikes silver surface wild beasts run like mad Note: Here’s the first of this week’s instalment of daily haiku. Should have published it earlier today for you to enjoy, but anyhow here it is. Hope you like it. I’m not a huge coffee drinker, but when I do drink coffee,… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Avocado

Avocado sun kissed calloused skin voluptuous body basks au naturel life Note: And this haiku marks the 7th and final haiku of this week’s dosage of food related haiku. Time again did go by quickly and I enjoyed writing everyone of them. Although, I did find them more challenging to write compared to the free verse… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Chili pepper

Chili pepper red planet in space emits energy and light cosmic explosion Note: The chili pepper in the photo below is resting on my new chopping board which I bought at Aldi for $20. It’s made from Rubberwood and is a whopping 40cm x 40cm. I have a thing for wooden chopping boards and wanted to share this… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Plastic shopping bag

Plastic shopping bag ephemeral life fragile burdened existence damaged castaway

A poem a day – Haiku – Edible flowers

Edible flowers exotic angels grace and livens up party selfless sacrifice

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Wordless Wednesday #33