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A poem a day – Haiku – Inside teapot

Inside teapot Matisse figures dance by the lake – under moonlight esoteric world Note: A poem for all tea lovers – that’s pretty much almost everybody, I think. Happy Monday and have a great week ahead folks! :D

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A poem a day – Haiku – Mulberry leaf

Mulberry leaf clearing lush terrain finding a place to build home full circle of life Note: Silkworms love mulberry leaves, in fact that’s what they exclusively eat in nature.1 People eat mulberry leaves too. Mulberry leaves can be stuffed like vine leaves, for example, although I’ve not yet tried this before. :D Reference: http://www.ask.com/pets-animals/silkworms-eat-f7019d43e961bdb5. [↩]

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A poem a day – Haiku – Freddo

Freddo road comes to a fork riddler presents conundrum make your own music Note: This is a Cadbury Freddo Vanilla Biscuit (half coated in Cadbury chocolate). :D

Notes #3: My humble views on food photography (Part 1 [of 3])

Hello dear readers – now what advice does a not yet even 1 year old food blog (although nearly there, mind you [in a couple of weeks, actually] – by the way, I hope you’ve been practising your food poetry/haiku writing because as part of helping to celebrate Padaek’s first birthday, there will be a… 

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A poem a day – Haiku – Milk

Milk wizard casts white spell light magic tempers darkness divine source sustains Note: This is actually a glass of soy milk – but you get the idea. :D

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A poem a day – Haiku – Gum leaf

Gum leaf staff’s hand waves us in extensive menu awaits stir fried veg #1 Note: If we were koalas. :D

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How to make kombucha, Part 2: Finally, just brew the kombucha tea

Oh dear – the time has finally come, and I do humbly apologise for the delay in publishing this post, because as you may know, it has been some time now since the idea of making kombucha first appeared on Padaek. But you know how it is – a new day passes by so easily and… 

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