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All for one and one for all

It’s a little late but happy Australia Day for Monday Australians! :D For overseas readers, yes, the 26th of January is Australia’s day of union/unity. You probably have a similar day in your country and so would understand the significance of the day. Australia Day is our day of national/patriotic pride. It’s a day to…

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The day I accidentally deleted my websites

The keywords here are “websites” because all of my websites hosted by my hosting company were deleted/lost/kaput/hasta-la-vista-baby, but one got rescued. And also “accidentally” because it was a bloody accident, albeit a very stupid/out of character one. In fact, it was not that out of character, but super crazy shit happens! I won’t cry over…

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Happy new year everyone!

Hi everyone, oh my god, it seems like a million years has past since the last post, so let me start off by saying sorry for my absence from the blog. I didn’t forget about you, but as you can understand, it was the Christmas/NY’s break/holidays after all (which was a wonderful time to see and catch…

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Notes #6: Keep Calm and Carry Om

As a couple, we are just ordinary people trying to live our ordinary lives as simply and stress-free as possible. This is simply because it’s so much better for our physical and mental health! :D Of course, this is not always an easy thing to do, especially at this time of the year when the unnecessary…

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