Wordless Wednesday #21

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Wordless Wednesday #21


  1. says

    Another great photo! One of those ones that made me stop and peer closely at it looking at all the detail. Plus, knowing you are in Sydney I always try to figure out where your photo was taken! (No idea…)

    • says

      Hi Nagi,

      Thanks very much for your comment. Yes, it’s quite a mysterious and alluring photo, isn’t it? And made more so because of the gloomy/overcast weather and the location is not clear/identified. This photo was also taken down south coast, near Jervis Bay. Could be anywhere though, and by portraying the photo this way, it has a particular mood and meaning. :)

  2. Eha says

    How perfectly balanced! Water, sky and a path to where? I am here and I would love to get there . . . Love the rugged stone piles at both ends of the bridge . . . nought quite smooth in life . . .

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      Hi Eha,

      Thanks very much for your visit and lovely/keen/acute comment/feedback. I really appreciate it. Beautiful symbols there, especially with the bridge and water. Desire and requests are often gifted, and paths made/revealed, so that journeys can be taken and dreams/goals achieved. Something like that. :)

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      Hi Maureen,

      Thanks very much for your visit and comment. It’s a gorgeous location, and even though the weather was overcast, the feeling there was peaceful and soothing. The water was clear and freezing and just slightly flowing in an gentle current. I love water and obviously can’t live without it, but need it (body of water – lake, river, sea, etc.) around/nearby to be happy and at peace. Not a strong swimmer, unfortunately – lol. :)

    • says

      Hi Colleen,

      Thanks very much for your comment! It was an overcast day and nearing the end of the afternoon, but the mood and feeling created by the time and weather was very interesting. It’s such a beautiful location with a lot of different things to entertain the eye. It would be great to have a picnic near here on a bright sunny summer’s day. :)

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